before i turn thirty i have to....

i’m inspired.

before i begin typing like a maniac, please take a moment to read this article from The NY Times entitled The Anti-Restaurants by Melena Ryzik, dated 26 August 2008.


now, refer to item 26 from the 30/30 list.

wouldn’t it be amazing if i could start something similar here?!

it will be so easy yet nerve-wrecking because i will be inviting, possibly five to eight paying guests who have no idea what sort of person i am and who they will meet and dine with. plus, i have to offer a fantastic three course meal with wine as i will be charging fifty dollars a person. sounds fun, no?

sadly however, that would only work if, i had my own place with a complete kitchen and a smashing decor and if singaporeans are more open-minded than they truly think. sigh.

ok…on to something realistically feasible. i finally have an idea for my magazine. (item 3). discussed it with a colleague and she thinks it’s not that bad great! (sorry denise!).

it’s not exactly finalised but it will be called IDTY - it reads as identity.

IDTY will be a magazine that features profile interviews of people not necessarily famous or those from the “in-crowd”. instead, it can practically be anyone. think mr. postman, tuckshop aunty, hardcore junkie, etc. etc. etc.

i don’t even care if that person isn’t the most stylish looking person on earth or he smokes pot like his life depended on it. what matters more is why is he not the most stylish looking person on earth or why is he hooked on 30 cones a day. but more importantly, i want to know, what makes him tick? what makes him scream in fear? and even what is his favourite ice-cream flavour?

one of the things i loved about journalism was profile interviews - both reading and doing. yes, it’s important to have an interesting angle about that person, (perhaps the reason why i’m interviewing the un-stylish mofo was because he snared a j.michibata-esque lady and the pothead was some pious dude) but the real lead, in my opinion, lies in that person’s story.

like how it often happens in st life’s monday interviews the interviewee might not necessarily be effin’ newsworthy but his/her life is so worth reading that in itself, became news.

and with IDTY, i just want to make sure that those who actually read it will know the person by the last paragraph and that it is not just about the amazing shit that he has done. =]

so whatchu think?


p.s: it WILL have amazing, honest photography by, hopefully, yours truly.

oh wow. yet another one. this one’s a bit longer than the one before. but it’s so freakin interesting!


albeit weird, this might actually help me (and perhaps yourself too!)

watch it.


one month and still nothing!

ok. i’ve found the answer to why am i not ticking anything on my list. it’s called procrastination. and it’s a disease, mental disorder that i need to get rid of. which by the way is not just for the list but for everything else.

check this shit out.


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